Xueer Qiu

Position title: Graduate Student

Microbiology Doctoral Training Program

Xueer is a graduate student in the Microbiology Doctoral Training Program (MDTP) at UW Madison. Born and raised in Shanghai, China, she went to New York for college and earned a B.A. in Biochemistry with minors in Mathematics and Dance at New York University in 2017. While pursuing an M.S. in Biomedical Sciences at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, she did research with Dr. Dusan Bogunovic whose lab studies human inborn errors in immunity and genetic predisposition to infectious diseases or autoinflammation. Her current project is to investigate the role of the female biased transcription factor VGLL3 in regulating cellular homeostasis and immune responses in relation to lupus. In her spare time, Xueer enjoys dancing, hiking and playing guqin, a traditional Chinese musical instrument.